Bills Sponsored by Senator Cunningham

SB 612 - Modifies the law relating to the offense of illegal reentry
SB 613 - Enacts new provisions of law relating to the workers' compensation insurance premiums of volunteer fire departments
SB 614 - Increases the penalties for knowingly allowing a minor to drink or possess alcohol or failing to stop a minor from drinking or possessing alcohol
SB 681 - Modifies provisions relating to probation and parole
SB 682 - Modifies provisions relating to land purchases made on behalf of state departments
SB 683 - Removes a property tax exemption for real property belonging to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources
SB 898 - Creates and funds the Department of Revenue Technology Fund through an administrative fee for notice of lien processing
SB 932 - Modifies provisions relating to bonded entities
SB 1011 - Requires the Director of the Department of Natural Resources to sell at public auction property located in Oregon County by December 31, 2016
SB 1082 - Removes criminal penalties for certain acts of staff members in the Oversight Division of the Joint Committee on Legislative Research
SB 1135 - Creates new provisions of law relating to traditional installment loans
SR 2216 - Establishes the Senate Interim Committee on Long-Term Care Facilities
HB 1721 - Changes the laws regarding credit union supervision so that audits are consistent with federal standards
HB 1852 - Extends the termination date for provisions relating to refills for prescription eye drops
HB 2187 - Requires the Department of Natural Resources and any other state departments to sell certain property located in Oregon County
HB 2397 - Changes the laws regarding federal home loan banks

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