Bills Sponsored by Senator Wallingford

SB 617 - Modifies provisions relating to feral hogs
SB 618 - Modifies provisions relating to the detention and shackling of juvenile offenders and detention and shackling of pregnant offenders
SB 619 - Requires elder abuse investigators to provide specified written materials to alleged perpetrators
SB 684 - Specifies that courts must order an evaluation by the Division of Youth Services to determine whether dual jurisdiction is appropriate for certain juvenile offenders
SB 685 - Requires children under the age of 18 to be prosecuted for most criminal offenses in juvenile courts unless the child is certified as an adult
SB 686 - Modifies how fourth class cities may proceed with road improvements
SB 778 - Provides that a managed care plan's network is adequate if the health carrier is accredited by the Accreditation for Ambulatory Health Care
SB 794 - Creates a sales tax exemption for parts of certain types of medical equipment
SB 795 - Implements the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement
SB 814 - Allows an individual to deduct income earned through active military duty from their Missouri adjusted gross income
SB 826 - Modifies provisions regarding professional nursing and collaborative practice arrangements
SB 832 - Modifies provisions relating to business filing fees
SB 839 - Provides for the certification of euthanasia technicians
SB 871 - Modifies provisions relating to emergency communications services
SB 918 - Provides that a juvenile's attorney must have the right to be heard on a request that restraints not be used in juvenile court
SB 936 - Requires an insurer to send an insured written notification of policy renewal
SB 937 - Extends the authority for regional jail districts to impose a sales tax until September 30, 2027
SB 938 - Allows the creation and issuance of insurance policies covering earthquake loss under the Missouri FAIR Plan
SB 963 - Modifies provisions relating to the Children's Division
SB 964 - Modifies provisions of law relating to child custody orders
SB 999 - Requires health insurers to make updates to their electronic and paper dental services provider materials available to plan members
SB 1000 - Provides a tax deduction for income earned out of state
SB 1001 - Prohibits the use of certain events in determination of insurance policy rates and issuance
SB 1067 - Imposes a tax on unauthorized, controlled substances
SB 1075 - Creates the Silver Alert System to aid in identifying and locating a missing endangered person
SB 1083 - Modifies procedures in guardianship and conservator proceedings for incapacitated or disabled persons
SB 1095 - Establishes the Senior Services Growth and Development Program
SB 1114 - Licenses persons performing radiologic imaging or administering radiation therapy and establishes the Missouri Radiologic Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board of Examiners
SB 1138 - Specifies that royalty payments to a dental franchisor by a licensee of the Dental Board operating a franchised dental office is not unlawful
HB 1717 - Modifies provisions relating to water systems
HB 1877 - Modifies provisions relating to the Children's Division
HB 1904 - Modifies provisions relating to emergency communication services

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