Bills Sponsored by Senator Hegeman

SB 635 - Modifies provisions relating to health care
SB 636 - Modifies provisions relating to health information organizations
SB 637 - Modifies requirements for special road district commissioner elections
SB 698 - Modifies provisions regarding estate administration and the office of public administrator and establishes the Designated Health Care Decision-Maker Act
SB 699 - Creates a tax credit for donations to an endowment fund of a community foundation
SB 895 - Modifies provisions relating to tax increment financing, emergency service providers, and board members of fire protection and ambulance districts
SB 896 - Provides that a person who removes an unattended child from a locked car shall not be held liable for damages
SB 897 - Removes penalties for taxes paid under protest or as part of a disputed assessment
SB 923 - Allows for a connected vehicle technology testing program
SB 979 - Establishes guidelines for foster child caregivers, foster child involvement in case plans, and permanency hearings
SB 1002 - Allows the State Auditor to audit community improvement districts
SB 1071 - Adds stationary utility vehicles to list of vehicles requiring drivers of motor vehicles to proceed with caution upon approach
SB 1072 - Provides for supplemental reimbursement for emergency ground medical transportation services under MO HealthNet
SB 1090 - Changes the employer contribution for the College and University Retirement Plan and requires employees to contribute to the plan
SB 1109 - Allows each school district may rely on technical course work and skills assessments developed for industry-recognized certificates and credentials when establishing career and technical education offerings
SB 1120 - Modifies provisions relating to multipurpose water resources
SJR 30 - Provides that a nonpartisan judicial commission shall submit to the Governor a list of names, rather than a list of three names, to fill a judicial vacancy in a court under the nonpartisan court plan
HB 1480 - Allows voting machines to be used for the purpose of processing absentee ballots
HB 1593 - Modifies provisions relating to proceedings against defaulting collectors
HB 1598 - Increases the allowed cost of new appliances exempted from state sales tax during the Show-Me Green sales tax holiday
HB 1715 - Specifies that bullying an elderly person constitutes elder abuse
HB 1757 - Modifies provisions relating to community improvement districts
HB 2272 - Grants county commissions the discretion to invest funds designated for the maintenance of a cemetery and to use investment managers to invest and manage the assets
HB 2496 - Provides for reimbursement for emergency medical transportation services under MO HealthNet
HB 2605 - Establishes guidelines for foster child caregivers, foster child involvement in case plans, and permanency hearings

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