Bills Sponsored by Senator Keaveny

SB 576 - Creates the Missouri Uniform Powers of Appointment
SB 577 - Requires a candidate for the office of public administrator to meet the bonding requirements of the office and modifies laws regarding estate administration
SB 578 - Allows certain circuits to appoint an additional court marshal, authorizes an additional judge in certain circuits, excludes firearms from bankruptcy, and establishes the Missouri Commercial Receivership Act
SB 651 - Modifies the definition of "current operating expenditures" for the purposes of state funding and applies the definition of "average daily attendance" to charter schools
SB 652 - Requires the State Auditor to make a one-time report on the costs of administering the death penalty
SB 653 - Bars discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
SB 812 - Allows the circuit court in St. Louis City to collect a fee not to exceed twenty dollars, rather than fifteen, to go toward the law library
SB 822 - Modifies provisions relating to hemp extract
SB 840 - Modifies provisions regarding the administration of small probate estates
SB 841 - Modifies provisions relating to trust protectors
SB 842 - Requires law enforcement agencies to develop certain policies for eyewitness identification procedures
SB 980 - Requires public retirement plans to provide financial information to participants, modifies the criteria for when a public plan is deemed delinquent, and changes the employer and employee contributions for CURP
SB 981 - Authorizes tax credits for earnings taxes for individuals who live and work in different states
SB 1036 - Requires the Department of Public Safety to establish a pilot program in St. Louis City to address the violent crime rate
SCR 58 - Urges the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to build a new facility in St. Louis City
HB 1941 - Provides licensing and taxation for daily fantasy sports games
HB 2590 - Modifies provisions relating to the Uniform Commercial Code and establishes the Missouri Commercial Receivership Act

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