Bills Sponsored by Senator Nasheed

SB 626 - Requires higher education institutions to inform students and employees about affirmative consent to sexual activity
SB 627 - Requires each public institution of higher education to develop and implement a policy to advise students and staff on available suicide prevention programs
SB 628 - Requires law enforcement agencies in certain cities to require their officers to wear a camera while on duty and in uniform and record all contacts with people
SB 690 - Establishes a tax credit for providing certain low-income veterans with housing
SB 691 - Requires the reporting of lost or stolen firearms
SB 692 - Changes the maximum authorization on low-income housing project tax credits from $6 million to $12 million
SB 724 - Prohibits employers from inquiring into or considering the criminal records of applicants before offering a conditional offer of employment
SB 725 - Modifies provisions of law relating to wages paid to employees
SB 726 - Modifies the statute specifying when police officers are justified in using deadly force
SB 747 - Requires the St. Louis City and Kansas City school districts to implement reading plans for struggling students prior to promotion to third grade
SB 748 - Requires school districts to adopt antibullying policies
SB 833 - Modifies provisions relating to financial transactions
SB 942 - Modifies provisions relating to the expungement of criminal records
SB 961 - Provides for the expansion of MO HealthNet services beginning January 1, 2017
SB 976 - Modifies provisions relating to racial profiling in policing
SB 977 - Prohibits the use of restraints on children under the age of 17 and pregnant and post-postpartum offenders during court proceedings except in certain circumstances
SB 983 - Creates new provisions of law relating to leave from employment
SB 1015 - Expands the prohibition on the use of hand-held communications devices while operating a motor vehicle
SB 1038 - Changes the amount of restitution paid to an individual wrongfully convicted
SB 1145 - Modifies provisions relating to children involved in trafficking and prostitution
SB 1146 - Allows the board of trustees of the Public School Retirement System of the City of St. Louis to provide cost-of-living increases
SCR 48 - Designates October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month
SCR 49 - Designates May as Mental Health Awareness Month
SCR 50 - Designates the month of September as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
SCR 64 - Urges Maryland Heights City Council to not provide tax incentives for certain developments

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