Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Nasheed

SB 653 - Bars discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
SB 765 - Modifies provisions relating to law enforcement officers and political subdivisions
SB 800 - Modifies provisions relating to political subdivisions
SB 838 - Allows the court to order a wireless service provider to transfer the rights of a wireless telephone number to a petitioner under certain circumstances
SB 924 - Modifies provisions of law relating to the right of suffrage for former felons
SB 952 - Modifies provisions relating to employee wages
SB 958 - Changes the "Farm-to-School Act" and program to the "Farm-to-Table Act" and program
SB 981 - Authorizes tax credits for earnings taxes for individuals who live and work in different states
SB 991 - Creates regulations for transportation network companies
SB 1028 - Modifies provisions relating to ratemaking for public utilities
SB 1087 - Creates the Office of Missing Persons Advocate
SCR 47 - Expresses the support of the General Assembly for debt-free higher education
SCR 57 - Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution
SCR 58 - Urges the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to build a new facility in St. Louis City
SJR 37 - Requires the legislature to appropriate all funds to which public school districts are entitled under the funding formula established by law

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