SB 655 - This act repeals the Advisory Council to the Director of the Missouri Agriculture Experiment Station and establishes the Fertilizer Control Board. The Board shall be composed of 13 members, 5 of which shall be nominated by the nonprofit corporation organized under Missouri law to promote the interests of the fertilizer industry, 5 of which shall be nominated by Missouri not-for-profit corporations that represent farmers, and 3 shall be at-large members. The filling of vacancies, the selection of officers, and meeting conduct shall be outlined in the bylaws established by the Board. The Board shall perform certain criteria as set forth in this act. Agents of the Fertilizer Control Board are also authorized to perform certain duties as set forth in this act.

Where a preliminary analysis shows that a fertilizer has a potential plant food deficiency, the distributor shall be provided notification within 2 business days by phone or email, in addition to a letter delivered by mail. Once the analysis is certified, a certification of the penalties assessed shall be mailed to the distributor liable for the penalty. Under this act, total penalties assessed to a fertilizer distributor shall not exceed $5,000 per year, or the amount of the current value of the plant food deficiency, whichever is greater. A fertilizer distributor who knowingly violates provisions of law relating to fertilizers shall be assessed a penalty of not more than $25,000 for each offense.

This act is substantially similar to SB 469 (2015), HCS/SCS/SB 131 (2015), HB 997 (2015), and SCS/HB 100 (2015).


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