Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed

SS/SCS/SB 838 - Under this act, the court may order a wireless service provider to transfer the billing responsibility and rights of a wireless telephone number from a wireless account holder, including the rights to the wireless telephone number of any minor children, to a petitioner when the petitioner has obtained an order of protection against the account holder. The order shall list certain information regarding the petitioner as set forth in this act, and the court is required to ensure that such information is not provided to the account holder. When a wireless service provider cannot operationally or technically effectuate a transfer of billing responsibility due to reasons set forth in this act, the wireless service provider shall notify the petitioner within 3 business days of receiving the request. Upon transferring the billing responsibility and rights of a wireless telephone number, the petitioner shall assume all financial responsibility for the transferred wireless telephone numbers, including costs set forth in this act.

This act does not affect the ability of the court to apportion assets under law, or to determine temporary use, possession, and control of personal property. Further, under this act no cause of action shall exist against a wireless service provider for actions taken under the authority of this act.

This act is substantially similar to the perfected HB 1972 (2016).


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