SB 819 - This act requires that all employees of certain inspected health care facilities receive an influenza vaccination every year, three months prior to the flu season. New employees or volunteers beginning work during the flu season shall be vaccinated within two weeks of commencing work. The Department of Health and Senior Services shall not be required to pay for these vaccinations. Exemptions may be granted in specified situations.

The Department may conduct vaccination inspections during any other inspection of the facility. Inspected facilities not in compliance will have an opportunity to be reinspected within three months of the initial inspection. Failure to comply at that time will result in a fine which shall be applied to the costs of inspection and flu prevention education.

The provisions of this act shall sunset on August 28, 2022, unless reauthorized.

This act is identical to SB 329 (2015) and substantially similar to HB 1963 (2014).


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