Senate Action for 6/14/2016

SB 711 - Brown - Requires thirty minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction and training during high school
   LR: 4641S.01T    
6/14/2016 -- Signed by Governor

HB 1696 - Rowland - Subject to appropriation, requires the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to provide grants to certain organizations that provide services to deaf-blind children, adults, and service providers
   LR: 4300S.03T    SCS HCS HB 1696
6/14/2016 -- Signed by Governor

HB 2150 - Wiemann - Creates regulations for the process of identifying deceased insureds and payments of life insurance death benefits for policies
   LR: 5640H.03T    HCS HB 2150
6/14/2016 -- Signed by Governor