Senate Action for 2/15/2016

SB 579 - Schaaf - Modifies provisions relating to infection reporting of health care facilities and telehealth services
   LR: 4862S.02T    
2/15/2016 -- Hearing Conducted S Governmental Accountability & Fiscal Oversight Committee (Fiscal Oversight)
2/15/2016 -- Voted Do Pass S Governmental Accountability & Fiscal Oversight Committee (Fiscal Oversight)
2/15/2016 -- Reported from S Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee
2/15/2016 -- S Third Read and Passed

SB 581 - Schaaf - Prohibits enforcement of any contractual provision that prevents disclosure of the contractual payment amount for health care services
   LR: 4451S.01P    
2/15/2016 -- Reported Truly Perfected S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee

SB 585 - Wasson - Divides the Thirty-Eighth Judicial Circuit and creates a new Forty-Sixth Judicial Circuit
   LR: 4895S.03T    SCS SB 585
2/15/2016 -- H Third Read and Passed - EC adopted
2/15/2016 -- Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed

SB 590 - Dixon - Modifies provisions related to first degree murder
   LR: 4323H.06T    HCS SS#2 SCS SB 590
2/15/2016 -- SCS Voted Do Pass S Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee (4323S.02C)

SB 620 - Romine - Modifies composition of the Career and Technical Education Advisory Council and requires said council to establish minimum requirement for a career and technical education certificate
   LR: 4558S.02T    SCS SBs 620 & 582
2/15/2016 -- H Second Read

SB 621 - Romine - Modifies provisions of law relating to health care
   LR: 4556H.07P    HCS SS SB 621
2/15/2016 -- Reported Truly Perfected S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee

SB 639 - Riddle - Modifies provisions of the Prosecuting Attorneys and Circuit Attorneys' Retirement System and allows political subdivisions to assign operation of a retirement plan to LAGERS
   LR: 4825H.03C    HCS SB 639
2/15/2016 -- H Second Read

SB 644 - Onder - Modifies provisions relating to abortion, including donation of fetal tissue, tissue reports, physician privileges, and ambulatory surgical center licensing and inspections
   LR: 4892S.05C    SCS SB 644
2/15/2016 -- Bill Placed on Informal Calendar

SB 664 - Parson - Modifies corporate registration report requirements for authorized farm corporations and family farm corporations
   LR: 4840S.01T    
2/15/2016 -- H Second Read

SB 677 - Sater - Establishes requirements for authorized entities to stock epinephrine (EPI) auto-injectors for use in emergencies
   LR: 4546H.02C    HCS SB 677
2/15/2016 -- H Second Read

SB 682 - Cunningham - Modifies provisions relating to land purchases made on behalf of state departments
   LR: 4683H.03C    HCS SB 682
2/15/2016 -- SA 1 S offered & adopted (Cunningham)--(4683S01.05S)
2/15/2016 -- Perfected, as amended

SB 703 - Munzlinger - Modifies provisions relating to agriculture
   LR: 4096H.05C    HCS SCS SB 703
2/15/2016 -- H Second Read

SB 711 - Brown - Requires thirty minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction and training during high school
   LR: 4641S.01T    
2/15/2016 -- H Second Read

SB 771 - Onder - Modifies the law relating to paper ballots
   LR: 4348S.02I    
2/15/2016 -- Hearing Conducted S Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee

SB 787 - Kraus - Modifies provisions relating to election challengers
   LR: 4035S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- Hearing Conducted S Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee

SB 951 - Wasson - Modifies provisions of the Missouri Preneed Funeral Contract Act
   LR: 5686S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- Hearing Scheduled But Not Heard S Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee

SB 1052 - Pearce - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to promulgate regulations for the construction and renovation of hospitals which include certain standards
   LR: 6433S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1052-Pearce

SB 1053 - Pearce - Requires the Oversight Division of the Joint Committee on Legislative Research to perform an actuarial analysis on the provision of marital and family therapy services to MO HealthNet participants
   LR: 6512S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1053-Pearce

SB 1054 - Schaefer - Modifies requirements relating to the pursuance and acceptance of grants by public school districts
   LR: 4572S.02I    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1054-Schaefer

SB 1055 - Riddle - Authorizes legal counsel for the Department of Mental Health to have standing in certain hearings involving a person unable to stand trial due to lack of mental fitness
   LR: 6500S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1055-Riddle

SB 1056 - Riddle - Allows physician assistants to determine the necessity of physical or chemical restraint of a patient in a mental health facility or program
   LR: 6511S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1056-Riddle

SB 1057 - Schaaf - Authorizes the conveyance of certain state properties
   LR: 6516S.03P    SS SCS SB 1057
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1057-Schaaf

SB 1058 - Schaaf - Creates a voluntary replacement alternative program for children's vaccines which do not contain human DNA content
   LR: 6514S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1058-Schaaf

SB 1059 - Schaaf - Modifies several provisions relating to the Public School Retirement System of St. Louis
   LR: 6494S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1059-Schaaf

SB 1060 - Dixon - Modifies state law relating to stroke center designations and the collection of hospital emergency care data
   LR: 6416S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1060-Dixon

SB 1061 - Dixon - Modifies provisions of the Sunshine Law, including the mobile video recordings from law enforcement vehicles and body cameras
   LR: 6425S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--SB 1061-Dixon

SJR 23 - Sater - Modifies the law relating to initiative petitions
   LR: 4618S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- Hearing Conducted S Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee

SR 1449 - Schaefer - Relating to ride to work day in Missouri
   LR: 6917S.01I    
2/15/2016 -- S Offered--SR 1449-Schaefer

HB 1435 - Koenig - Provides that limitations for sales tax refunds apply only to a final assessment
   LR: 4448S.09T    SS HB 1435
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--HB 1435-Koenig

HB 1472 - Dugger - Modifies requirements for public retirement plans and exempts certain judges from the Judicial Retirement Plan 2011
   LR: 4295H.02P    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--HB 1472-Dugger

HB 1479 - Entlicher - Modifies laws relating to filing deadlines when a candidate withdraws from a race within two working days prior to the deadline
   LR: 4310H.01P    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--HB 1479-Entlicher

HB 1582 - Kelley - Modifies withholding tax requirements
   LR: 4952S.03T    SCS HB 1582
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--HB 1582-Kelley

HB 1584 - Hill - Modifies procedures used by entities providing private probation services, security guards at casinos, and corporate security advisors
   LR: 4219H.04S    CCS SCS HCS HB 1584
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--HCS for HB 1584

HB 1593 - Crawford - Modifies provisions relating to proceedings against defaulting collectors
   LR: 4865H.02T    
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--HB 1593-Crawford

HB 2104 - Alferman - Modifies provisions relating to liquor control
   LR: 5673S.02C    SCS HB 2103
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--HB 2104-Alferman

HB 2140 - Hoskins - Creates the "Missouri Task Force on Fair, Nondiscriminatory Local Taxation Concerning Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Boats, and Outboard Motors."
   LR: 5496S.04T    SCS HCS HB 2140
2/15/2016 -- S First Read--HCS for HB 2140