HB 1717 Modifies provisions relating to water systems
Sponsor: Wallingford
LR Number: 5192S.06T Fiscal Notes
Committee: Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment
Last Action: 6/28/2016 - Signed by Governor Journal Page: S3712
Title: SS#2 HCS HB 1717 Calendar Position:
Effective Date: Varies
House Handler: Lichtenegger

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Current Bill Summary

SS#2/HCS/HB 1717 - This act modifies provisions relating to water systems.

MULTIPURPOSE WATER RESOURCES (Sections 256.437-256.447) - This act adds several provisions relating to multipurpose water resources. Under this act, the term "water resource project" shall mean a project containing planning, design, construction, or renovation of public water supply, flood control storage, or treatment or transmission facilities for public water supply. This act changes the name of the "Water Resource Program" to the "Multipurpose Water Resource Program", and changes the name of the "Multipurpose Water Resource Program Renewable Water Program Fund" to the "Multipurpose Water Resource Program Fund". Further, this act requires the Department of Natural Resources to establish rules by which water resource project sponsors can remit contributions to the Multipurpose Water Resource Program Fund who are awarded financial assistance from the Fund, and requires that any plan submitted to the Director of the Department of Natural Resources for the construction of a water resource project shall include a schedule, proposed by the sponsor, to remit contributions back to the Fund. Such contributions shall be used to administer the Fund, and to provide financial assistance under the Multipurpose Water Resource Act.

This provision is substantially similar to a provision contained in the perfected SCS/HCS/HB 1713 (2016), HCS/SS/SCS/SB 704 (2016), and HCS/SS/SB 937 (2017), and is similar to SB 1120 (2016).

WATER FLUORIDATION (Section 640.136) - This act requires any public water system or public water supply district to notify the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Health and Senior Services, and their customers if they intend to modify fluoridation levels of its water supply. The notification shall be in a time and manner as set forth in this act. If notification requirements are not observed by the system or district, they shall return fluoridation to its previous level until proper notification is provided. If the water system is investor-owned, the entity seeking to modify fluoridation is required to meet the requirements set forth in this act.

This provision is identical to SCS/HCS/HB 1713 (2016), is substantially similar to HCS/SS/SB 476 (2015) and HCS/HB 119 (2015), and is similar to SCS/HCS/SB 1078 (2014).

WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS (Section 644.200) - This act requires the Department of Natural Resources to provide municipalities served by a wastewater treatment system with information regarding system upgrade options to meet any new or existing discharge requirements. Further, the municipality may conduct an analysis of available options to meet any new or existing discharge requirements, with such analysis including an examination of the feasibility and the costs associated with each option. If upgrading or expanding the existing wastewater treatment system is feasible, cost effective, and will meet discharge requirements, the Department of Natural Resources shall allow the municipality to implement such option.

This provision contains an emergency clause.

This provision is identical to a provision contained in the perfected SCS/HCS/HB 1713 (2016).