HB 1891 Creates new provisions of law relating to labor organizations
Sponsor: Brown
LR Number: 5488S.08T Fiscal Notes
Committee: Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight
Last Action: 5/12/2016 - Motion to pass bill, the objection of the Governor notwithstanding S failed Journal Page: S2276-2277
Title: SS HCS HB 1891 Calendar Position:
Effective Date: August 28, 2016
House Handler: Rehder

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Current Bill Summary

SS/HCS/HB 1891 - This act allows public employee labor unions to withhold fees from public employee paychecks only upon the annual consent of the employee. The act also requires the public employee's annual consent for public employee labor unions to use fees and dues for political purposes. Any authorization required by this act may be in written or electronic form.

The employee must authorize the amount to be used for political contributions to be transferred to the labor union's continuing committee. Authorizing or refraining from authorizing any amount shall in no way affect employment.

Public employee first responders are exempted from these provisions.

All public labor organizations are required to maintain financial records in substantially the same form as are required by federal law. Such organizations are further required to make such records available to each public employee it represents, in an electronic searchable format. Represented employees have a right of enforcement of these provisions.

This act is substantially similar to SB 599 (2016), SB 129 (2015), SS/SCS/SB 29 (2013), and similar to SS/SCS/SB 553 & 435 (2012), SB 435 (2012), SB 202 (2011), HB 492 (2011), SB 610 (2006), and SB 814 (1998).