SB 1042
Establishes the "Student Online Personal Protection Act"
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3/9/2016 - Hearing Scheduled But Not Heard S Education Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2016

Current Bill Summary

SB 1042 - This act establishes the "Student Online Personal Protection Act". This act prohibits online providers of educational services from engaging in targeted advertising to students who utilize such educational services. This act also prohibits the use or disclosure of protected student information for certain other purposes except under certain conditions, as described in the act.

An online service provider shall implement and maintain reasonable security procedures, delete student information when requested by a state agency, and comply with all state and federal data privacy regulations.

This act allows online service providers to use aggregate data for certain purposes, as described in the act.

Nothing in this act prohibits law enforcement agencies from obtaining student information, nor does it prohibit online service providers from marketing directly to parents provided that the marketing does not result from the use of protected student information.

This act does not apply to internet websites, services, or applications intended for a general audience.