SB 682
Modifies provisions relating to land purchases made on behalf of state departments
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5/13/2016 - H Calendar Senate Concurrent Resolutions for Third Reading w/HCS
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HCS SB 682
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SB 682 - This act modifies provisions relating to land acquisitions.

LAND PURCHASES (Section 34.030) - Under this act, when the Commissioner of Administration seeks to purchase land on behalf of any state department, the department is required to take certain actions, including providing public notice on its website and to elected officials, and holding public hearings in affected counties.

This provision is similar to HB 2184 (2016).

LAND LOCATED IN OREGON COUNTY (Sections 444.1000, 640.780, & Section B) - This act creates the Land Reclamation Legal Settlement Commission to be composed of 4 members from three regional planning commissions. The Commission shall develop and implement a plan for primary restoration projects for areas affected by lead mining in southeast Missouri. Further, this act creates the Land Reclamation Legal Settlement Fund which shall consist of moneys derived from the Department of Natural Resources sale of land located in Oregon County. Such moneys shall be used to implement the Land Reclamation Legal Settlement Commission's plan for primary restoration projects.

This act requires the Department of Natural Resources and any other state departments to sell property located in Oregon County that was acquired prior to August 28, 2016, with legal settlement funds administered by the Department of Natural Resources. Any condition on the conveyance of land under this act shall be null and void under this act, and the purchaser of the property shall agree to a certain condition set forth in this act. In addition, this act prohibits the Department of Natural Resources and all other state departments from purchasing any property in Oregon County with the use of legal settlement funds administered by the Department. This act allows any taxpayer standing to enforce this act.

This provision contains an emergency clause. This provision expires August 28, 2017.

This provision is identical to a provision contained SB 1035 (2015), is substantially similar to SCS/HCS/HB 2187 (2016), and is similar to SCS/SB 1011 (2016).