SB 688
Establishes the Joint Committee on Public Assistance
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5/13/2016 - S Bills with H Amendments--SCS for SBs 688 & 854-Romine, with HCS, as amended
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HCS SCS SBs 688 & 854
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August 28, 2016
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SCS/SBs 688 & 854 - This act modifies the Joint Committee on MO HealthNet to create a permanent Joint Committee on Public Assistance. The committee shall have the following purposes: (1) studying, monitoring, and reviewing the efficacy of public assistance programs within the state, (2) determining the level and adequacy of resources needed for the programs, and (3) developing recommendations on the public assistance programs and on promoting independence from safety-net programs among recipients as may be appropriate. The committee shall receive and obtain information from the departments of Social Services, Mental Health, Health and Senior Services, Elementary and Secondary Education, and any other department as applicable, regarding projected enrollment growth, budgetary matters, trends in childhood poverty and hunger, and any other information deemed relevant to the committee's purpose. The directors of the departments of Social Services, Mental Health, and Health and Senior Services shall each submit an annual written report providing data and statistical information regarding the caseloads of the Department's employees involved in the administration of public assistance programs.

The committee shall meet at least twice a year. A portion of the meeting shall be set aside for public testimony. The committee is authorized to hire staff and enter into employment contracts, including an executive director, to conduct special reviews or investigations of the state's public assistance programs. The committee shall conduct an annual rolling 5-year forecast of the state's public assistance programs and make recommendations to the General Assembly.

This act also repeals a section of law relating to a rolling 5-year MO HealthNet forecast conducted by the Legislative Budget Office.

This act is identical to provisions in CCS/HCS/SB 607 (2016) and CCS#2/HCS/SS/SB 608 (2016), and similar to provisions in HCS/HB 2472 (2016) and HCS/SCS/SB 38 (2015).