HB 2007 Appropriates money for the departments of Economic Development; Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration; and Labor and Industrial Relations
1/27/2016 Introduced and Read First Time (H) H406
1/28/2016 Read Second Time (H) H417
1/28/2016 Referred: Appropriations - Revenue, Transportation, and Economic Development H426
2/8/2016 Public Hearing Completed (H)
2/15/2016 Executive Session Completed (H)
2/15/2016 Voted Do Pass with Amendments (H)
2/17/2016 Reported Do Pass with Amendments (H) H728
2/17/2016 Referred: Select Committee on Budget H729
3/1/2016 Executive Session Continued
3/1/2016 Action Postponed (H)
3/2/2016 Executive Session Completed (H)
3/2/2016 HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
3/2/2016 HCS Reported Do Pass (H) H1026
3/2/2016 Referred: Select Committee on Rules H1029
3/7/2016 Rules - Executive Session Completed (H)
3/7/2016 Rules - Voted Do Pass with Time Limit (H)
3/7/2016 Rules - Reported Do Pass with Time Limit (H) H1072
3/7/2016 Taken Up H1083
3/7/2016 Laid Over (H) H1083
3/8/2016 Taken Up H1116
3/8/2016 Laid Over (H) H1117
3/8/2016 Taken Up H1118
3/8/2016 Laid Over (H) H1120
3/8/2016 Taken Up H1121
3/8/2016 Laid Over (H) H1121
3/8/2016 Taken Up H1136
3/8/2016 HCS Adopted (H) H1136
3/8/2016 Perfected with Amendments (H) H1136
3/10/2016 Taken Up
3/10/2016 Third Read and Passed (H) H1192-1193
3/10/2016 S First Read--HCS for HB 2007 S548
3/11/2016 Second Read and Referred S Appropriations Committee S556
4/5/2016 Hearing Conducted S Appropriations Committee
4/5/2016 SCS Voted Do Pass S Appropriations Committee (2007S.04C)
4/6/2016 Reported from S Appropriations Committee with SCS S743
4/7/2016 SCS S adopted S760
4/7/2016 S Third Read and Passed S760 / H1699
4/12/2016 H refuses to concur in SCS and requests S recede or grant conference H1718 / S816
4/12/2016 S refuses to recede and grants conference S818 / H1736
4/12/2016 Senate conferees appointed: Schaefer, Silvey, Brown, Curls, Walsh S818 / H1736
4/12/2016 House conferees appointed: Flanigan, Fitzpatrick, Hough, McCann Beatty, Lafaver H1738 / S833
4/19/2016 House conferee appointed: Basye replaced Flanigan H1940 / S928
4/20/2016 H distributes CCR (2007H05.1HR) H2084
4/20/2016 Referred H Fiscal Review Committee H2090
4/21/2016 Voted Do Pass H Fiscal Review
4/21/2016 Reported from H Fiscal Review H2098
4/21/2016 H adopted CCR H2112-2113
4/21/2016 CCS H Third Read and Passed--(2007H.05S) H2113-2114 / S1007
4/21/2016 CCR S offered & adopted (Schaefer)--(2007H05.1HR) S1012-1013 / H2136
4/21/2016 CCS S Third Read and Passed--(2007H.05S) S1013-1014 / H2136
4/21/2016 Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed H2136
4/21/2016 Signed by House Speaker H2140
4/21/2016 Signed by Senate President Pro Tem S1024
4/21/2016 Delivered to Governor H2140
5/6/2016 Signed by Governor H3239-3240