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1. SCS for SBs 1, 22, 49 & 70-Pearce (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education

2. SCS for SB 56-Munzlinger (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Allows certain Missouri non-residents to receive reduced hunting, fishing, and trapping permit fees

3. SS for SB 201-Dixon (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies the state's requirements to reimburse counties for certain costs related to imprisonment and electronic monitoring for criminal offenders

4. SB 203-Dixon (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies the authority of the State Auditor with respect to tax returns and grant agreements

5. SB 352-Schaefer (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Allows the Attorney General to institute civil and criminal proceedings relating to criminal enterprises and racketeering

6. SS for SB 540-Libla (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Raises the tax on motor fuel by six cents per gallon over a period of years and adjusts it annually for inflation


1. HCS for HB 882-McGaugh, with SCS (Munzlinger) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions relating to agriculture

2. HB 279-Cornejo, with SCS (Schmitt) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions relating to liquor licenses and advertising of liquor sales and creates the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control Fund

3. HB 100-Gosen, with SCS (Parson) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions relating to the administration of topical agricultural products

4. HCS for HB 807, with SCS (Dixon) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions relating to civil actions, wills and trusts, life insurance, and crimes

5. HB 254-Crawford, with SCS (Parson) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Makes it a class B felony to physically take property from a person when the property is owned by a financial institution

6. HCS for HB 811, with SCS (Riddle) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions relating to income taxes

7. HB 32-Hoskins (Pearce) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Prohibits increases in user fees imposed by the state until 2019 and reauthorizes a deduction for job creation by small businesses

8. HB 218-Wilson, with SCS (Dixon) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions relating to mutual aid by law enforcement officers, the costs of imprisonment and electronic monitoring, and concealed carry permit fees

9. HCS for HB 117 (Dixon) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies how sales tax is imposed on places of amusement and entertainment

10. HB 101-Redmon (Libla) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Creates a state sales tax exemption for utilities use in food preparation

11. HB 1305-Rowden (Schaefer) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Requires any comprehensive state energy plan to be approved by the General Assembly and creates the Regulatory Improvement Commission

12. HCS for HB 1002, with SCS (Kehoe) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions related to motor vehicles

13. HCS for HB 444 (Walsh) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Creates a new income tax deduction for taxpayers completing fire fighter training

14. HCS for HB 1066, with SCS (Schaaf) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Modifies provisions relating to health care facility infection reporting



SS#2 for SB 475-Dempsey
    Grants the President Pro Tem and the Speaker standing to intervene in cases challenging the constitutionality of state law and authorizes individual legislators to hire outside counsel when sued in their official capacity


SB 17-Dixon
    Changes intersectional references relating to court costs

SB 37-Romine, with SCS & SA 1 (pending)
    Awards attorney's fees and court costs in cases where a settlement offer was previously rejected and when the court rules on a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim

SB 44-Nasheed, with SCS, SS for SCS & SA 1 (pending)
    Prohibits employers from inquiring into or considering the criminal records of applicants before offering a conditional offer of employment

SB 46-Holsman
    Requires hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to report prices for most common procedures

SB 53-Schaaf, with SS#2 (pending)
    Limits the certificate of need to only long-term care facilities

SB 55-Munzlinger
    Modifies the definition of livestock by changing the word "buffalo" to "bison"

SB 59-Dixon
    Modifies the process for filling vacancies in certain statewide and General Assembly offices

SB 69-LeVota, with SCS
    Modifies the law relating to election authorities

SB 80-Dixon, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to county prosecuting attorneys

SB 91-Dixon, with SCS
    Modifies laws relating to public defenders

SBs 112, 212, 143 & 234-Dixon, with SCS
    Modifies provisions dealing with criminal offenses to align with changes made in the 2014 Criminal Code revision

SB 117-Brown, with SCS
    Modifies process for selecting candidates for special elections

SB 127-Brown, with SCS
    Bars employers from requiring employees to engage in or cease engaging in certain labor practices

SB 130-Walsh and Schupp, with SCS
    Creates a right to unpaid leave for employees that are affected by domestic violence

SB 151-Sater
    Sets a reimbursement rate for primary care physicians under Medicaid and requires MO HealthNet to contract with a third party for eligibility verification

SB 159-Parson
    Modifies the title insurance law with respect to the performance of escrow, settlement, or closing services by title insurers, agencies, and agents

SB 167-Schaaf, with SCS
    Extends the sunset on certain healthcare provider reimbursement allowance taxes and prohibits enforcement of contract provisions that prevent disclosure of payment amounts for health care

SB 177-Munzlinger, with SCS
    Creates programs for beginning farmers

SB 220-Kehoe
    Modifies the duration of unemployment compensation, the method to pay federal advances, and raises the fund trigger causing contribution rate reductions

SB 225-Romine, with SCS
    Modifies Department of Natural Resources permit decision appeal procedures

SB 227-Emery, with SS (pending)
    Modifies provisions relating to the collateral source rule and provides that parties may introduce evidence of the cost, rather than the value, of the medical treatment rendered

SB 232-Kehoe, with SCS (pending)
    Creates additional requirements for tow truck businesses

SB 233-Kehoe, with SCS & SA 2 (pending)
    Modifies provisions relating to expert witnesses

SB 266-Schaefer, with SCS
    Prohibits municipalities from providing certain services already being provided within the boundaries of the municipality without a vote of the people

SB 267-Schaefer, with SCS
    Increases the penalties and driver license suspension periods for those who fail to yield the right-of-way in certain instances

SB 268-Pearce, with SCS
    Modifies the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Fund and creates the Economic-Education Partnership Act

SB 286-Schaaf and Silvey
    Requires that all state-owned data centers become consolidated to the State Data Center

SB 299-Pearce
    Modifies the eligibility requirements for the Bright Flight Scholarship Program and adds a forgivable loan component

SB 302-Riddle, with SCS (pending)
    Requires referrals for out of state abortions to be accompanied by specified printed materials

SB 304-Keaveny, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to custodial interrogations of criminal suspects

SB 305-Onder
    Authorizes telephone companies to elect to have their tangible personal property assessed in accordance with a depreciation schedule

SB 313-Wallingford, with SCS
    Authorizes certain advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, and assistant physicians to prescribe hydrocodone

SBs 331 & 21-Libla, with SCS & SS for SCS (pending)
    Modifies provisions relating to emergencies, requirements for police officers at protests, and recordings from law enforcement cameras

SB 339-Munzlinger, with SS (pending)
    Authorizes all third and fourth class counties to collect a property tax to pay for road rock on county roads

SB 358-Kehoe
    Modifies the policy statement of the Missouri Clean Water Law

SB 360-Parson, with SCS
    Establishes the Civil Litigation Funding Act

SB 371-Munzlinger
    Repeals a section relating to the expiration date of economic subsidies for Missouri qualified fuel ethanol producers

SB 372-Keaveny, with SCS (pending)
    Modifies provisions relating to the deferred compensation plan

SB 374-Schatz, with SCS
    Creates and income tax deduction for payments received as part of a program that compensates agricultural producers for losses from disaster or emergency

SB 399-Onder
    Establishes the paper ballot as the official ballot and requires audits before election certification

SB 400-Onder, with SS (pending)
    Provides that the state shall not require maintenance of licensure or any form of specialty medical board certification to practice medicine

SB 409-Wallingford, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to emergencies

SB 420-Schmitt
    Provides for direct deposit of income tax refund to MOST accounts

SB 424-Pearce, with SA 1 (pending)
    Delays until July 1, 2017 the requirement that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education prorate payments to formula districts if the foundation formula is not fully funded

SB 427-Sifton, with SCS
    Mandates the establishment of safe sleeping protocols in child care facilities providing care for children under one year of age

SB 432-Onder, with SCS
    Adds requirement for health benefit plan rate release

SB 442-Schaefer
    Modifies the composition of tax increment financing commissions in Boone County

SBs 451, 307, 100 & 165-Dixon, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to petitions for the expungement of criminal records

SB 452-Schmitt, et al, with SA 1 & point of order (pending)
    Provides that no person shall be found guilty of failure to appear if the criminal matter solely involves certain traffic-related infractions

SB 455-Kehoe
    Prohibits political subdivisions from establishing a minimum wage in excess of federal or state law

SB 469-Munzlinger
    Repeals the Advisory Council to the Director of the Missouri Agriculture Experiment Station and establishes the Fertilizer Control Board

SB 471-Schaaf
    Expands the dependency exemption for income taxes to stillbirths

SB 481-Onder, with SCS
    Modifies laws regarding qualified spousal trusts

SB 520-Kehoe, with SCS
    Modifies the per barrel fee for the inspection of certain motor fuels

SB 528-Sater
    Requires health carriers or managed care plans to offer medication synchronization services

SB 567-Chappelle-Nadal, et al
    Provides that a person shall be liable for depriving another of a Missouri Constitutional right while acting under the color of law

SJR 7-Richard and Wallingford
    Establishes a constitutional limit on punitive damages

SJR 12-Onder, with SCS (pending)
    Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing parents the fundamental right to control the education of their minor children


HCS for HB 33, with SCS (Parson)
    Modifies provisions relating to persons eligible to receive survivor's benefits

HB 64-Dugger (Cunningham)
    Modifies provisions relating to open-end credit fees

HCS for HB 104 (Schaefer)
    Prohibits public higher education institutions from denying religious student associations benefits available to other student associations and from discriminating against them

HB 108-McCaherty (Dixon)
    Establishes a two-year statute of limitations for claims of malpractice or negligence against mental health professionals

HCS for HB 112 (Wasson)
    Provides that certain licensing boards of health care professionals may contract with entities to collect workforce data from their licensees

HCS for HB 119 (Wallingford)
    Requires public water systems and public water supply districts to notify certain persons and entities prior to fluoridation cessation

HB 185-Love (Parson)
    Requires a certain type of security for funds deposited by an ambulance district

HB 190-Swan (Wallingford)
    Modifies provisions relating to inspection of abortion facilities

HB 210-Conway (104) (Kehoe)
    Allows community college police officers to establish regulations to control vehicular traffic on any thoroughfare owned or maintained by the college

HB 233-Franklin, with SCS (Parson)
    Modifies provisions relating to the payment of fees to certain state entities by agricultural entities

HB 271-Hoskins (Dixon)
    Requires certain grant agreements to describe the State Auditor's authority with respect to property, equipment, and facilities purchased with the funds from the grant

HB 276-Cornejo, with SCS (Onder)
    Exempts in bankruptcy proceedings life insurance proceeds for the burial of a family member, modifies insurance foreign investment limits, changes the requirements for the valuation of reserves for life insurance, and modifies provisions regarding qualified spousal trusts

HCS for HB 299, with SCS (Kraus)
    Modifies provisions relating to taxation

HB 336-McGaugh (Kraus)
    Modifies provisions relating to elections

HB 341-Dugger (Kraus)
    Specifies that beginning January 1, 2016, certain elective county offices must file ethics reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission instead of local election authorities

HB 401-Fraker, with SCS (Sater)
    Extends the expiration date on a provision that allows counties to decrease their annual budgets to July 1, 2026

HB 440-Koenig (Kraus)
    Allows sellers to advertise that sales tax will be assumed by the seller

HCS for HB 457 (Dempsey)
    Requires public school students to receive a thirty minute instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the proper performance of the Heimlich maneuver or other first aid for choking

HCS for HB 478-Fitzwater (Wallingford)
    Specifies that school teacher and employee retirement allowances must not exceed 2.55% of the member's final average salary for each year of service if the member's service is 31 years or more

HB 494-Leara (Kehoe)
    Allows political subdivisions to assign operation of a retirement plan to the Missouri Local Government Employees' Retirement system

HB 502-Kelley, with SCS (Kraus)
    Allows employers to file withholdings taxes on an annual basis when the aggregate amount withheld in each of the previous four quarters is less than $100

HB 523-Burlison, with SCS (Brown)
    Modifies requirements for protective headgear for operators and passengers of motorcycles and motortricycles

HB 529-Gosen, with SCS (Parson)
    Modifies regulations on the business of insurance

HB 533-Dugger, with SCS (Wasson)
    Modifies provisions relating to candidate deadlines

HCS for HB 538, with SCS (Brown) (In Fiscal Oversight)
    Allows pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to sell and dispense opioid antagonists

HB 562-Davis (Wasson)
    Modifies regulation of autocycle operators and exempts such operators from using protective headgear

HCS for HBs 578, 574 & 584, with SCS (Riddle)
    Requires high school students and students seeking a high school equivalency certificate to receive a passing grade on a basic civics test

HB 589-Hough, with SCS (Onder)
    Modifies provisions relating to reimbursement for MO HealthNet services

HCS for HB 592 (Wasson)
    Modifies provisions relating to foreign investment limits

HCS for HB 635 (Dixon)
    Modifies provisions of law relating to the Amber Alert System and the Amber Alert System Oversight Committee

HCS for HBs 671 & 683, with SCS (Onder)
    Modifies provisions relating to physician and surgeon licensure

HB 675-Rowden, with SS & SA 1 (pending) (Libla)
    Changes the laws regarding motor vehicle height and weight limits in certain city commercial zones

HB 684-Koenig (Dixon)
    Provides that child protective investigators shall provide community service program information to parents and establishes the Supporting and Strengthening Families Act

HCS for HB 692, with SCS (Munzlinger)
    Modifies the provisions relating to the election of political party committees

HCS for HB 714 (Wallingford)
    Modifies provisions relating to emergency communications services

HCS for HB 734, with SCS (Dixon)
    Prohibits sharing of visual or aural recordings or photographs of minors alleged to be victims of child abuse, except in limited circumstances

HCS for HB 777 (Kraus)
    Modifies laws regarding audits for transportation development districts

HCS for HB 796, with SCS (Sater)
    Modifies provisions relating to SNAP, TANF, and Mo HealthNet

HB 808-Cornejo, with SCS (Hegeman)
    Establishes the Missouri Palliative Care and Quality of Life Interdisciplinary Advisory Council and the Palliative Care Consumer and Professional Information and Education Program

HCS for HB 830, with SCS (Munzlinger)
    Allows those licensed by the Department of Agriculture to grow and handle industrial hemp

HB 836-Ross (Libla)
    Repeals a provision relating to motorboat passengers

HCS for HB 844, with SCS (Wasson)
    Modifies provisions relating to construction management

HCS for HB 864 (Kehoe)
    Modifies provisions requiring LLC's owning rental or unoccupied property to list a property manager with the City of Kansas City

HB 875-Hinson, with SCS (Schatz)
    Modifies provisions relating to libraries

HB 923-Miller, with SCS (Kehoe)
    Modifies provisions relating to the environment

HCS for HB 926 (Cunningham)
    Modifies provisions relating to mortgage loan originators

HCS for HB 976, with SCS (Riddle)
    Modifies provisions relating to children, including immunization, amino acid-based elemental formula, court orders, juveniles with problem sexual behavior, safe sleep protocols, and the Children's Services Fund

HB 982-Rowden (Pearce)
    Allows the University of Missouri extension council in any county to obtain financing in order to obtain real property

HB 996-Hoskins (Dixon)
    Extends the sunset on the Residential Treatment Agency Tax Credit and the Developmental Disability Care Provider Tax Credit to 2020

HB 1010-Brown (57) (Munzlinger)
    Modifies the law relating to unemployment compensation benefits

HCS for HB 1019, with SCS (Romine)
    Modifies the law relating to the Missouri Human Rights Act and employment discrimination

HB 1039-Dugger (Hegeman)
    Changes filing fees for candidates in presidential primaries

HCS for HB 1058, with SCS (Brown)
    Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Natural Resources

HCS for HB 1063 (Dixon)
    Establishes the State Capitol Complex Committee

HB 1076-Brown (57) (Emery)
    Creates an exemption from motorboat noise level limits for motorboats registered for and actually participating in any fishing tournament held at the Harry S. Truman Reservoir

HCS for HB 1084 (Romine)
    Requires owners of a coal-fired electric generating source in a NAAQS nonattainment area to develop an ambient air quality monitoring or modeling network

HB 1093-Houghton (Riddle)
    Modifies provisions relating to honey

HB 1127-Johnson, with SCS (Hegeman)
    Modifies provisions relating to urban school districts

HJR 1-Dugger (Kraus)
    Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that a person seeking to vote in a public election may be required by general law to provide a valid government-issued photo identification

HCS for HJR 34, with SCS (Schmitt)
    Amends the Constitution to limit general revenue appropriations and mandate state income tax rate reductions in certain situations and subject tax credits to appropriations


SCS for SB 230-Romine, with HCS, as amended
    Specifies eligible health care providers and originating sites for the provision of telehealth services

SB 458-Sater, with HCS, as amended
    Modifies provisions of law regarding healthcare


In Conference

SS#2 for SCS for SB 11-Richard, with HA 1, HA 2, as amended, HA 3, as amended & HA 4
    Modifies the law relating to the ethical behavior of public officials and lobbyists

SB 13-Munzlinger, with HCS, as amended (CCR offered)
    Changes the membership and appointment process for the Career and Technical Education Advisory Council

SCS for SB 35-Wallingford, with HCS, as amended
    Requires the Department of Social Services to terminate MO HealthNet services when it receives information that a MO HealthNet recipient resides out of state

SS for SCS for SB 67-Cunningham, with HCS, as amended (Senate adopted CCR and passed CCS)
    Authorizes certain counties to assess a court surcharge in civil and criminal cases

SB 104-Kraus, with HCS, as amended (Senate adopted CCR#2 and passed CCS#2)
    Requires actions challenging initiatives and referendums to be fully adjudicated more than fifty-six days prior to the election in which the measure will appear on the ballot

SS for SCS for SB 115-Kraus, with HCS, as amended (CCR offered)
    Modifies provisions relating to taxation

SCS for SB 152-Wallingford, with HCS, as amended (Senate adopted CCR#2 and passed CCS#2)
    Modifies provisions relating to environmental protection

SCS for SB 172-Romine, with HCS, as amended
    Requires the State Board of Education to establish minimum graduation requirements for a career and technical education high school certificate

SCS for SB 210-Schaefer, with HCS, as amended
    Extends the sunset on certain healthcare provider reimbursement allowance taxes and modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet and DSH payments

SB 221-Schatz, with HCS
    Exempts annexations in certain municipalities from the review requirements of the St. Louis Boundary Commission and modifies provisions related to sales tax in St. Louis County

SB 254-Kraus, with HCS, as amended (Senate adopted CCR#2 and passed CCS#2)
    Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicle license plates

SCS for SB 270-Nasheed, with HCS, as amended
    Modifies public retirement systems

SS for SCS for SB 278-Schatz, with HCS, as amended (House requests Senate take up and adopt CCR and pass CCS)
    Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicles

SB 282-Parson, with HCS, as amended
    Requires insurers to mail notices cancelling, refusing to renew, or refusing to issue automobile insurance policies through certain United States postal service methods

SB 283-Kehoe, with HCS, as amended
    Allows political subdivisions to assign operation of a retirement plan to the Missouri Local Government Employees' Retirement System and modifies provisions relating to the Police Retirement System of the City of St. Louis

SCS for SB 300-Silvey, with HCS, as amended
    Modifies provisions relating to retirement benefits

SCS for SB 322-Dempsey, with HCS, as amended
    Raises the MO HealthNet asset limits for disabled persons

SCS for SB 326-Sater, with HCS, as amended
    Contains provisions relating to political subdivision audits, county office vacancies, county budgets, special purpose districts, annexations, and sewer districts

SCS for SB 328-Schupp, with HA 1 & HA 2
    Requires school districts to adopt a policy on youth suicide awareness and prevention and allows licensed educators to complete annual training

SCS for SB 380-Wieland, with HCS, as amended
    Establishes a committee to assess the continuation of the Money Follows the Person Demonstration Program

SCS for SB 445-Romine, with HCS, as amended (Senate adopted CCR and passed CCS)
    Requires owners of a coal-fired electric generating source to develop an ambient air quality monitoring or modeling network

SB 446-Schupp and Brown, with HA 1 & HA 2, as amended
    Removes additional fee equal to the fee charged for personalized license plates for subsequent sets of special Purple Heart license plates

SCS for SB 473-Schaaf, with HCS, as amended
    Modifies provisions relating to urban school districts

HB 152-Haahr, with SCS, as amended (Onder) (House adopted CCR and passed CCS)
    Adds advertising a child as available to participate in certain sex acts to the crime of sexual trafficking of a child

HB 458-Allen, with SS for SCS, as amended (Schmitt) (House adopted CCR and passed CCS)
    Modifies provisions relating to school district antibullying policies and enacts provisions relating to youth suicide prevention and awareness

HB 556-Wood, with SS for SCS, as amended (Riddle)
    Modifies provisions relating to children and families

HB 615-Dohrman, with SCS (Schatz)
    Modifies various provisions relating to workers' compensation


SCS for SCR 30-Kehoe, with HCS
    Condemns certain California laws relating to shelled eggs and calls upon the legislature and the voters of California to repeal such laws

Reported from Committee

SCR 39-Dixon and Holsman
    Requires the Board of Public Buildings to reassign office space within the State Capitol

SCR 40-Romine
    Creates the Study Commission on Mining Property Assessment

HCR 18-McCann (Curls)
    Recognizes July 1, 2015, as "Lucile Bluford Day" in Missouri in honor of a brave and persistent civil rights activist

HCR 26-Shull (Brown)
    Designates the month of March for the years 2015 thru 2025 as Women Veterans' Month

HCS for HCR 32 (Romine)
    Adopts the House Majority Floor Leader's filing with the EPA as the state's official position on the Clean Power Plan, and urges the EPA to withdraw the proposed Clean Power Plan

HCR 34-Rowland (Cunningham)
    Urges Congress to reinstate the Secure Rural Schools program