Bills Sponsored by Senator Schatz

SB 221 - Modifies provisions relating to annexations and sales taxes in St. Louis County
SB 222 - Bans political subdivisions from requiring the removal or relocation of infrastructure owned by a communication service provider unless certain conditions are met
SB 223 - Eliminates a provision allowing for property tax levy adjustments for inflation and modifies standing for Hancock Amendment challenges
SB 278 - Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicles
SB 288 - Modifies the law relating to workers' compensation premium rates
SB 289 - Modifies the law relating to public office vacancies
SB 374 - Creates an income tax deduction for payments received as part of a program that compensates agricultural producers for losses from disaster or emergency
SB 375 - Adds projects which provide economic benefits to sewer and water operations to the types of projects eligible under the Property Assessment Clean Energy Act
SB 376 - Creates the Competitive Energy for Missouri Jobs Act
SB 377 - Creates an exemption for sales of aircraft to nonresidents
SB 378 - Creates several new exemptions to the tax on the titling of motor vehicles
SB 379 - Requires that municipalities in the St. Louis County sales tax pool receive at least 50% of the revenue generated inside a given municipality
SB 398 - Authorizes municipalities to use design-build on water and waste water projects and prohibits such projects from being denied grants based on design-build utilization
SB 443 - Allows electronic recording of temporary permit sales as determined by the Department of Revenue
SB 491 - Modifies civil penalties associated with violations of the Underground Facility Safety and Damage Prevention Act and federally mandated natural gas safety standards
SB 492 - Modifies the law relating to discharge of employees under workers' compensation statutes
HB 511 - Exempts annexations occurring under certain circumstances from boundary commission review
HB 615 - Modifies various provisions relating to workers' compensation
HB 686 - Modifies provisions for registration of motor vehicles
HB 869 - Modifies provisions relating to the titling of motor vehicles, trailers, boats, and outboard motors
HB 875 - Modifies provisions relating to libraries

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