Bills Sponsored by Senator Schupp

SB 123 - Modifies the law relating to ethics
SB 124 - Requires tax-exempt organizations to disclose date, amount, and name of persons or entities making donations to such organizations
SB 125 - Authorizes eligibility for an alternative package of benefits for certain individuals under the MO HealthNet program
SB 274 - Applies ban on using cell phones related to text messaging while driving to all drivers
SB 275 - Requires the driver and all passengers in a car or truck to wear a safety belt with certain exceptions
SB 328 - Modifies provisions relating to mental health
SB 329 - Requires employees and volunteers of specified public and private institutions to receive an influenza vaccination every year
SB 393 - Establishes a Task Force on the Death Penalty and places a moratorium on the death penalty until January 1, 2018
SB 446 - Removes additional fee equal to the fee charged for personalized license plates for subsequent sets of special Purple Heart license plates
SB 482 - Modifies provisions relating to child care facility licensure
SB 543 - Modifies provisions relating to disclosure requirements made to the Ethics Commission
SCR 16 - Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution
SCR 18 - Expresses the support of the General Assembly for the practice of Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong

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