Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Sater

SB 24 - Modifies provisions of law relating to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
SB 25 - Creates a tax credit based on the number of the taxpayer's dependent children
SB 26 - Establishes requirements for authorized entities to stock epinephrine (EPI) auto-injectors for use in emergencies
SB 63 - Establishes the Narcotics Control Act
SB 107 - Authorizes certain boards and commissions under the Division of Professional Registration to issue opinions for educational purposes and modifies laws relating to speech-language pathologists and audiologists
SB 151 - Sets a reimbursement rate for primary care physicians under Medicaid and requires MO HealthNet to contract with a third party for eligibility verification
SB 179 - Establishes the Missouri Child Protection Registry
SB 208 - Repeals a provision relating to beef commodity merchandising program fees
SB 209 - Extends the equine activity liability waiver to livestock activities
SB 256 - Establishes a pilot program allowing noncustodial parents to reduce the amount of state debt owed
SB 257 - Provides an additional payment for low-weight babies to managed care organizations that provide MO HealthNet services
SB 325 - Delineates procedures to be used by pharmacy benefit managers with regards to maximum allowable cost lists
SB 326 - Modifies provisions relating to political subdivision audits, county office vacancies, county budgets, special purpose districts, annexations, and sewer districts
SB 354 - Allows the Department of Health and Senior Services to supply qualifying individuals with amino acid-based elemental formulas
SB 457 - Modifies provisions relating to health care professionals and services
SB 458 - Modifies provisions of law regarding healthcare
SB 515 - Requires emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and first responders to be mandatory reporters for in-home services client abuse or neglect
SB 528 - Requires health carriers or managed care plans to offer medication synchronization services
SB 542 - Extends MO HealthNet managed care statewide for only the current managed care populations
SJR 10 - Modifies the constitutional provisions relating to initiative petitions
HB 401 - Extends the expiration date on a provision that allows counties to decrease their annual budgets to July 1, 2026
HB 402 - Designates the first full week before Memorial Day as "Safe Boating Week"
HB 403 - Removes the additional fee for subsequent sets of special Purple Heart license plates and designates Missouri as a Purple Heart State
HB 404 - Designates the week in which May 15 falls as "Missouri's Peace Officers Memorial Week"
HB 796 - Modifies provisions relating to SNAP, TANF, and Mo HealthNet