Bills Sponsored by Senator Cunningham

SB 30 - Increases the penalty for knowingly allowing a minor to drink or possess alcohol or failing to stop a minor from drinking or possessing alcohol
SB 31 - Requires a probation officer to notify the prosecutor if he or she has probable cause to believe a probationer has violated a condition of probation
SB 32 - Creates a sales and use tax exemption for used manufactured homes
SB 67 - Authorizes certain court surcharges, Buchanan County to establish a county municipal court, certain circuits with a SORTS facility to appoint a court marshal, requires certain reporting regarding municipal courts and modifies procedure in landlord tenant cases
SB 291 - Allows the Director of Revenue to establish rules and regulations to allow lienholders who have filed a lien electronically to release the lien by electronic means
SB 318 - Designates certain highways in the state
SB 488 - Modifies provisions relating to mortgage loan originators
SB 489 - Exempts certain entities from civil actions brought under unlawful merchandising practices provisions of law
SB 524 - Modifies provisions relating to contractual fees charged by certain financial institutions
SCR 31 - Urges Congress to reinstate the Secure Rural Schools program
SJR 15 - Modifies the process for approving the salary schedule of the Missouri Citizens' Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials
SR 1036 - Use of Senate Chamber/Constitution Project (9-15-15)
HB 64 - Modifies provisions relating to open-end credit fees
HB 111 - Changes the laws regarding sales tax on used manufactured homes
HB 524 - Allows the Director of the Department of Revenue to adopt rules and regulations allowing specified motor vehicle or trailer lienholders to electronically release a lien
HB 926 - Modifies provisions relating to mortgage loan originators
HCR 34 - Urges Congress to reinstate the Secure Rural Schools program

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