Bills Sponsored by Senator Sifton

SB 48 - Institutes a gift ban for the members of the General Assembly and their candidate committees
SB 49 - Modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education
SB 50 - Prohibits political subdivisions that participate in the St. Louis County sales tax pool from receiving sales tax revenue to the extent that more than 50% of their annual general operating revenues come from traffic fines
SB 76 - Requires every individual who is 17 years old or older and arrested for any felony offense to provide a biological sample for DNA profiling
SB 77 - Reauthorizes the Missouri Homestead Preservation tax credit program
SB 78 - Prohibits an insurer from requiring any waiting period for health insurance coverage for maternity benefits and requires coverage to begin immediately from the effective date of the health insurance policy or plan
SB 136 - Allows emergency workers to request, receive and submit absentee ballots
SB 164 - Exempts in bankruptcy proceedings life insurance proceeds for the burial of a family member, modifies insurance foreign investment limits, changes the requirements for the valuation of reserves for life insurance, and modifies provisions regarding qualified spousal trusts
SB 247 - Modifies provisions relating to employee wages
SB 427 - Mandates the establishment of safe sleeping protocols in child care facilities providing care for children under one year of age
SB 440 - Changes the requirements for school antibullying policies
SB 467 - Removes the statute of limitations on civil actions and prosecutions involving offenses against children
SB 468 - Requires each public school to test each enrolling student for dyslexia and related disorders and provide treatment
SB 486 - Modifies class one election offenses
SB 516 - Bans the sale of event tickets that have a credit card entry restriction to consumers without a signed acknowledgment by the consumer
SB 548 - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to employ a dyslexia specialist and creates the Legislative Task Force on Dyslexia

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