Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Nasheed

SB 2 - Establishes campaign contributions for individuals and political party committees
SB 5 - Modifies distribution of traffic fines and court costs collected by municipal courts
SB 63 - Establishes the Narcotics Control Act
SB 199 - Allows an armed offender docket in Jackson County and modifies the self-defense statute and the statute specifying when police officers are justified in using deadly force
SB 237 - Bars discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
SB 256 - Establishes a pilot program allowing noncustodial parents to reduce the amount of state debt owed
SB 342 - Establishes the Perinatal Advisory Council and sets forth its duties
SB 440 - Changes the requirements for school antibullying policies
SB 452 - Provides that no person shall be found guilty of failure to appear if the criminal matter solely involves certain traffic-related infractions
SB 519 - Creates a separate $4 million cap for state supplemental tax increment financing projects in St. Louis City associated with geospatial-intelligence facilities
SB 559 - Modifies provisions relating to racial profiling in policing
SB 567 - Provides that a person shall be liable for depriving another of a Missouri Constitutional right while acting under the color of law
SCR 16 - Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution

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