SB 132
Modifies provisions relating to evidence of financial responsibility for certified commercial pesticide applicators
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2/11/2015 - Hearing Conducted S Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources Committee
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August 28, 2015

Current Bill Summary

SB 132 - Currently, a certified commercial pesticide applicator is required to furnish evidence of financial responsibility to the Director of the Department of Agriculture in order to receive a license. Currently, the amount of the surety bond or liability insurance required is $25,000 for property damage and bodily injury. Under this act, the amount is modified to $50,000 for each occurrence. Further, the applicator is not required to furnish such evidence for license renewal, unless upon request. If the Director so requests, the applicator shall furnish such evidence within 10 days. The Director shall be notified of cancellation or reduction of financial responsibility for any applicator or employer of the applicator. The applicator or applicator's employer shall also maintain evidence of financial responsibility at their business location. If the financial responsibility furnished becomes unsatisfactory, new financial responsibility instruments shall be immediately executed and maintained at the business location, or the applicator's license may be affected as set forth in this act.

This provision is identical to HB 100 (2015), HB 138 (2015), HB 146 (2015), and HCS/SS/SCS/SB 12 (2015). This provision is substantially similar to HCS/HB 1952 (2014), SCS/HCS/HB 1326 (2014), HCS/SB 506 (2014), SCS/SB 888 (2014), and HCS/SB 591 (2014).