SB 119
Modifies provisions of law regarding the Prescription Drug Repository Program
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4/22/2015 - Hearing Conducted H Health and Mental Health Policy Committee
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SCS SB 119
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2015

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 119 - This act modifies provisions of law regarding the Prescription Drug Repository Program.

The act transfers the regulation of the Prescription Drug Repository Program from the Department of Health and Senior Services to the State Board of Pharmacy. The Board shall contract with a third party to administer the program and shall develop and maintain a participant registry for the Program. The Board may cooperate with nongovernmental organizations to maintain a web-based list of prescriptions drugs, devices, or supplies that have been donated and the participants from which the donated items may be available.

Under current law, packaging must be unopened; except that prescription drugs packaged in single-unit doses may be accepted and dispensed when the outside packaging is opened if the single-unit-dose packaging is undisturbed. This act further specifies that such opened single-unit-dose packaged drugs may also be accepted even if one or more of the drugs have been dispensed so long as the remaining drugs are kept sealed in the single-dose packaging and have not been disturbed or tampered.

Prescription drugs that can only be dispensed to a patient registered with the drug's manufacturer in accordance with federal law shall not be accepted or dispensed through the program. Dispensers of donated items are prohibited from seeking reimbursement from a third-party payer for the cost of donated items.

The act provides that participants, defined as practitioners or pharmacies that elect to participate in the program, shall retain separate records detailing the receipt, distribution, and dispensing of the donated items.