Missouri State Senate

Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/SB 403 - Currently, the Public Service Commission may not approve a gas infrastructure system replacement surcharge (ISRS) to the extent that it would produce total annualized ISRS revenues exceeding 10% of the gas corporation's base revenue level. Under this act, the Public Service Commission may not approve a gas ISRS to the extent it would produce such revenues in any consecutive 3-year period during which an ISRS is in effect.

Currently, the Public Service Commission shall not approve a gas ISRS without having issued a general rate proceeding decision within the last 3 years, and a gas corporation cannot collect an ISRS for more than 3 years unless they have filed or are the subject of a new general rate proceeding. This act repeals these provisions and instead bars the Public Service Commission from approving an ISRS, or allowing continuance of an existing ISRS, if the gas corporation has not filed a general rate proceeding within 55 months from the effective date of the corporation's previous general rate proceeding.

Nothing in this act shall be construed to limit the rights of certain groups to file a complaint alleging that the rates or charges of a gas corporation are unreasonable or unlawful.

The provisions of law relating to gas ISRS shall expire for any gas corporation serving 200,000 or more Missouri customers on December 31, 2035.

This act is similar to HCS/HB 956 (2015), SCS/SB 240 (2013), and HCS/HB 473 (2013).