Missouri State Senate


SB 415 - This act provides that when an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) diagnoses treatment for an acutely or chronically ill or injured patient pursuant to a collaborative practice arrangement then the collaborating physician shall be personally or electronically available for consultation. The APRN must provide a report of such patient encounters within fourteen days to the patient's primary healthcare provider. The collaborating physician must review all the charts for patients seen by an APRN for a chronic illness.

Currently, an APRN must practice for a period of at least one month with the collaborating physician continuously present before practicing without the physician continuously present. This act provides that the collaborating physician has the responsibility to determine that the APRN has the ability to perform a delegated medical act by documenting the completion of a sufficient period of time during which the APRN shall practice with the physician continuously present before practicing in a setting where the physician is not continuously present. The collaborating physician shall determine the appropriate length of time that the APRN must practice with the collaborative physician present.

This act is substantially similar to HB 633 (2015).