SJR 12 - Upon voter approval, this constitutional amendment declares that parents have a responsibility to ensure that their minor children receive a program of academic instruction which they regularly attend while the child is of an age prescribed by law for school attendance. Parents have the right to choose to educate their children in public, parochial, parish, or private schools, in-home education, or a combination thereof to prepare them for future obligations in life.

With respect to private, parochial, or parish schools, in-home instruction, or a combination thereof neither the state nor any political subdivision, nor any agency, entity, or person acting on behalf of the state or any political subdivision, shall dictate the content of curriculum, nor any concept, topic, or practice in conflict with either the school's or the parent's religious doctrines or beliefs. Except that as to curriculum, laws may require instruction in the United States Constitution and this constitution to such schools or in-home instruction.

This amendment is similar to SCS/HCS/HJR 56 (2014).


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