Missouri State Senate


SB 201 - Under current law, the state must reimburse counties for the cost of imprisoning a criminal offender who is eventually sentenced to the Department of Corrections for the time such offenders spent in the county jail. This act provides that the state must reimburse counties at a rate of half the cost currently being reimbursed to counties by the state beginning on the date state charges are filed against the prisoner by the county prosecutor, and at a rate of 100 percent of expenses after the offender is convicted of the state charge, regardless of whether the offender is sentenced to imprisonment in the Department of Corrections, to the county jail, or only sentenced to pay a fine. In addition, the state must pay 100 percent of the costs of the electronic monitoring of such offenders.

This act specifies that, if the defendant is sentenced to imprisonment or to pay a fine or both for a violation of a county ordinance and cannot pay the costs, the county must pay the costs and may seek reimbursement from the defendant.