HB 319 Changes the laws regarding the provision of telehealth services

Current Bill Summary

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HCS/HB 319 - This act specifies the licensed individuals who shall be considered eligible health care providers for the provision of telehealth services. Additionally, this act specifies the originating sites where a MO HealthNet participant may receive telehealth services, as well as requiring that such originating sites ensure the immediate availability of clinical staff during the telehealth encounter if a participant requires assistance.

This act establishes a statewide home telemonitoring program. Home telemonitoring services are health care services that require scheduled remote monitoring of data related to a patient's health. The act specifies the individuals for whom home telemonitoring services may be made available. Additionally, no originating site for home telemonitoring shall be required to maintain immediate availability of on-site clinical staff during the telemonitoring service. If the Department of Social Services determines that home telemonitoring is not cost effective, the Department may discontinue the program and stop providing reimbursement through MO HealthNet for such services.

This act addresses the use of asynchronous store-and-forward technology in the practice of telehealth services for MO HealthNet recipients. "Asynchronous store-and-forward" is defined in the act as the transfer of a patient's clinically important digital samples, such as still images, videos, audio, and text files, and relevant data from an originating site through the use of a camera or similar recording device that stores digital samples that are forwarded via telecommunication to a distant site for consultation by a consulting provider without requiring the simultaneous presence of the patient and the patient's treating provider. The Department of Social Services, in consultation with the departments of Mental Health and Health and Senior Services, shall promulgate rules governing the use of asynchronous store-and-forward technology in the practice of telehealth in MO HealthNet. The act also specifies reimbursement for asynchronous store-and-forward services for the treating provider and the consulting provider.

This act establishes the "Telehealth Services Advisory Committee" to advise the Department of Social Services and propose rules relating to telehealth services through asynchronous store-and-forward technology. The act specifies the committee members, appointments, and other terms.

This act is substantially similar to SCS/SB 230 (2015) and provisions of HB 1014 (2015), HCS/SCS/SB 230 (2015), and HCS/SCS/SB 38 (2015), and similar to HB 965 (2015) and HB 340 (2015).


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