HB 875 Modifies provisions relating to libraries

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

SCS/HB 875 - This act adds one trustee to the board of trustees of a consolidated public library district when a city or municipal library district is petitioning to be included in the consolidated district and the petitioning district is partially located in a county that is not participating in the consolidated district. The additional trustee must be appointed by the county commissioners or county executive officers of the county that is not participating in the consolidated district. (Section 182.660)

After admission of the petitioning district into the consolidated district, transfer of the title and interest in the property of the petitioning district, and appointment of the additional trustee, the petitioning district and its board of trustees will cease to exist. (Section 182.660)

This act repeals the requirement and procedures for state agencies and libraries to distribute paper copies of reports to Legislative Library, House of Representatives, Senate, Missouri Supreme Court Library, and the Governor. (Sections 181.100, 181.110, repeal of 181.130)

This act contains provisions identical to HB 605. (2015).


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