HB 1044 Authorizes the circuit court of Jackson County to establish and armed offender docket

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HCS/HB 1044 - This act authorizes the circuit court of Jackson County to establish an armed offender docket pilot project for the prosecution of certain weapons offenses. The docket shall have dedicated judges and staff, and a thirty dollar surcharge may be assessed for each case assigned to the docket. The surcharge shall be used to defray the costs of prosecution, pretrial supervision, and statistical analysis of such cases.

The presiding judge, prosecuting attorney, and law enforcement agencies within the circuit shall assist in the coordinating and sharing of information and data that is relevant to the operation and evaluation of the docket.

The act provides that within six months after each anniversary of the creation of the armed offender docket, the circuit court shall publish a public report on the operations of the armed offender docket during the year immediately preceding the anniversary, and include any commentary offered by a research university in Missouri, or the prosecuting attorney, public defender, or law enforcement agency in the circuit.

The provisions of this act shall expire on December 31, 2021.

This act is identical to provisions contained in HCS/SS #2/SCS/SBs 199 & 417 & 42 (2015) and HCS/SB 200 (2015).


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