HB 1024 Establishes a commission on capitol security infrastructure

Current Bill Summary

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HB 1024 Higdon, Galen


COMMITTEE OF ORIGIN: Standing Committee on Emerging Issues

This bill establishes the Commission on Capitol Security Infrastructure composed of the Governor, the President Pro Tem of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, or his or her designee.

The commission must oversee the general supervision and charge of the State Capitol Building, the State Capitol parking garages, and any other state-owned building adjacent to or in the immediate vicinity of the State Capitol Building that houses any office of the General Assembly or its staff.

The bill transfers from the Office of Administration to the commission the responsibilities of providing each member of the General Assembly with a key that accesses the dome of the State Capitol, contracting with a licensing agent to operate the gift shop in the State Capitol museum, and establishing the rules and regulations regarding traffic and parking at all parking space on the grounds of the Capitol or other state building located within the capital city.

Currently, the Director of the Department of Public Safety is required to employ and supervise the Missouri Capitol Police. The bill requires the director to employ the Missouri Capitol Police as directed by the commission.

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