HB 694 Modifies provisions relating to registration of certain motor vehicles

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HCS/HB 694 - This act modifies the definition of junk vehicle to include a vehicle that has been designated junk or a substantially equivalent designation by this state or any other state. This act further modifies provisions relating to motor vehicles classified as junk vehicles including changing the requirement to forward the Director of Revenue a salvage certificate or certificate of ownership tor the issuance of a negotiable junking certificate from permissive to mandatory, specifying allowable transactions with a junking certificate, and revising the language restricting issuance of a salvage or original certificate of title after a junking certificate has been issued. This act also removes the requirement that a trailer or semitrailer must be coupled to a towing vehicle in a particular manner in order to be eligible for permanent registration.

This act is identical to the introduced version of SB 278 (2015) and similar to HCS/HB 2139 (2014).


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