HB 322 Allows political subdivisions to submit fingerprints to the Highway Patrol for criminal background checks of applicants for employment or licenses or permits

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HB 322 - Under current law, law enforcement agencies may perform a criminal record review for only open records through the MULES system for the purpose of hiring municipal or county governmental employees. The requesting entity must pay a fee to the central repository. This act repeals the provision allowing law enforcement agencies to make such reviews.

Current law also provides that municipalities and counties may require, by ordinance, the fingerprinting for criminal background checks of applicants or licensees in specified occupations. This act allows political subdivisions to also require fingerprinting by policy, rule or regulation. The county law enforcement agency must submit the fingerprints for the political subdivision.

Current law provides that certain state agencies, commissions, courts, municipalities, and counties which screen persons seeking employment or issues licenses, permits, certificates, or registrations of authority may submit fingerprints to the Missouri criminal records repository for the purpose of checking the person's criminal history. This act adds political subdivisions to the list of entities authorized to submit fingerprints for criminal background checks.


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