HB 940 Modifies the definition of "pay" under the Year 2000 Retirement Plan and specifies procedures for when a member of MOSERS or MPERS dies prior to annuity starting date

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HB 940 - The act excludes pay in excess of one-twelfth of the governor's salary from the definition of "pay" for retirement benefit purposes under the Year 2000 Plan for those first employed on or after August 28, 2015.

The act also provides that if a member of the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System or the Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System meets eligibility requirements to submit an application for retirement benefits, but dies prior to his or her annuity starting date the member shall be considered to have retired and died on the annuity starting date.

Provisions of this act are identical to HCS/HB 770 (2015).


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