HB 994 Requires persons who submit petitions for political subdivision audits to reside or own property in the subdivision and allows for signatures to be rescinded

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HCS/HB 994 - This act requires persons submitting petitions for an audit of a political subdivision to be a resident or real property owner within the political subdivision and return the signed petition within one year of requesting the petition from the State Auditor. Persons may rescind their signature on such a petition by delivering a sworn statement to that effect to the State Auditor within 10 days of the receipt of the signed petition by the State Auditor.

This act is substantially similar to SS/SCS/SB 87 (2015) which was Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed, as well as a provision contained within HCS/SCS/SB 315 (2015) and HCS/SCS/SB 326 (2015).


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