HB 864 Modifies provisions requiring LLC's owning rental or unoccupied property to list a property manager with the City of Kansas City

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HCS/HB 864 - Currently, limited liability companies leasing real property to others or owning unoccupied real property in Kansas City must file an affidavit with the city clerk listing the manager of the property. This act requires the affidavit to name a natural person with control of the property and his or her street address.

If the person who manages the property changes, the LLC must file a new affidavit listing a successor manager within 30 days. No LLC may be charged a fee for filing a required affidavit. If an LLC required to file an affidavit fails to file an affidavit, any person adversely affected or the city may petition the court to direct the filing of an affidavit.

This act is similar to SB 335 (2015) and HB 895 (2015). This act is similar to a provision in HCS/HB 1154 (2015), HCS/SS/SCS/SB 87 (2015), HCS/SB 148 (2015), HCS/SCS/SB 245 (2015), and HCS/SB 364 (2015).


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