HB 336 Modifies provisions relating to elections

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HB 336 - This act permits challengers and watchers at each polling place to be present at such polling place until all closing certification forms are completed, all equipment is closed and taken down, the transportation case for the ballots is sealed, election materials are returned to the election authority or to the designated collection place for a polling place, and any other duties or procedures required under current law are completed.

This provision is identical to SB 523 (2015) and HB 1016 (2015) as it relates to challengers.

Challengers and watchers present at locations at which absentee ballots are counted are also permitted to remain present while such ballots are being prepared for counting and counted.

The act modifies the provisions relating to voter registration. Specifically, the act permits election authorities to accept voter registration applications with a signature submitted in accordance with the Uniform Electronic Transmissions Act. Further, the Secretary of State is required to maintain a system used to accept voter registration applications electronically subsequent to approval from a committee assembled for the purpose of approving and developing uniform standards, systems, and modifications to such a system.

The act delineates the persons who may register under the system maintained by the Secretary of State. It also sets forth additional restrictions and requirements for making such electronic transmissions.


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