SB 203
Modifies the authority of the State Auditor
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5/15/2015 - S Formal Calendar S Bills for Third Reading--SB 203-Dixon (In Fiscal Oversight)
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August 28, 2015

Current Bill Summary

SB 203 - This act modifies the extent to which the Auditor may examine state tax returns by removing a provision allowing the Auditor to use and disclose information related to overdue tax debts. Grant agreements entered into as a result of grants received by state agencies and political subdivisions shall include language describing the Auditor's authority to examine and inspect property, equipment and facilities purchased with the grant money.

This provision is identical to a provision in HCS/HB 271 (2015).

The act further requires the State Auditor to make a one-time report on the costs of administering the death penalty. As part of the report, the auditor must compare the costs estimated by the Auditor to be related to cases in which the death penalty is sought and is imposed to the costs for cases in which the death penalty is not sought and the defendant is sentenced to life without parole and cases in which the death penalty is sought, but not imposed. The results must be reported to the Governor, General Assembly, and the Missouri Supreme Court by June 30, 2017.

This provision is substantially similar to SB 240 (2015) and HB 837 (2015).

This act is similar to SB 789 (2014) and HB 1574 (2014).