SB 142
Requires the Department of Natural Resources to take certain actions when submitting certain plans to the Environmental Protection Agency
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9/16/2015 - Legislature voted to override Governor's veto
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SS#3 SCS SB 142
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August 28, 2015
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Current Bill Summary

SS#3/SCS/SB 142 - This act requires the Department of Natural Resources, when developing a state implementation plan, state plan, or non-point source management plan for submission to the Environmental Protection Agency, to prepare an implementation impact report in lieu of a regulatory impact report in collaboration with certain other state entities. The report shall contain certain criteria as set forth in this act, and shall be delivered to the Governor, Joint Committee on Government Accountability, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives along with the proposed plan 45 calendar days prior to submission to the Environmental Protection Agency. The report and proposed plan shall also be posted on the Department's website home page. If such plan is revised prior to submission to the Environmental Protection Agency, such revised plan shall also be provided to such elected officials and posted on the Department's website. Under this act, the Department of Natural Resources is also required to hold one stakeholder meeting in developing a plan for Environmental Protection Agency submission that includes certain groups as set forth in this act.

This act allows, upon receiving the implementation impact report, the Joint Committee on Government Accountability to hold at least 2 public hearings to seek public comment on the plan and the report. The Joint Committee may also request that a representative from the Environmental Protection Agency attend at least one of the hearings. Nothing in this act shall confer authority on the Public Service Commission or the Department of Natural Resources jurisdiction over rural electric cooperatives or municipally-owned utilities, nor shall it effect the development of emission standards for certain carbon dioxide standards.