SB 419
Creates the Healthcare Transformation Trust Fund
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4/16/2015 - Hearing to be Continued S Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee
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August 28, 2015

Current Bill Summary

SB 419 - The Department of Social Services shall seek approval to operate MO HealthNet under a block grant through the creation of the "HealthCare Transformation Trust Fund." The fund shall consist of federal funds through the block grant, state funds specifically appropriated to the fund, and general revenue savings achieved due to: (1) the reduction of state MO HealthNet spending as a result of increased federal funding percentages for MO HealthNet-eligible individuals and (2) the reduction in the number of participants state programs paid for with state-only funds as a result of greater federal funding through the block grant.

By October first of each year, the Office of Administration shall report the amounts identified in this fund in the prior fiscal year to the Governor and the appropriate committees in the General Assembly. The Office of Administration shall, subject to appropriation, transfer the amounts reported to the fund. The transfers shall be made in three installments of relatively equal size no later than November, February, and May of each fiscal year.

A joint committee consisting of 5 House members and 5 Senate members shall promulgate rules to implement MO HealthNet as funded by the HealthCare Transformation Trust Fund, including rules concerning covered benefits comparable in scope and breadth to non-Medicaid insurance coverage, expanded coverage through private option insurance plans, work participation requirements, and standards of personal responsibility.