SB 116 Creates an exemption from the proof of residency and domicile for school registration for students whose parents are stationed out of state
12/3/2014 Prefiled
1/7/2015 S First Read--SB 116-Kraus S19
1/22/2015 Second Read and Referred S Education Committee S172
2/4/2015 Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
2/18/2015 Voted Do Pass S Education Committee - Consent
2/19/2015 Reported from S Education Committee to Floor - Consent S393
2/26/2015 S Third Read and Passed - Consent S458
2/26/2015 H First Read H702-703
3/2/2015 H Second Read H714
4/8/2015 Referred H Veterans Committee H1352
4/14/2015 Hearing Conducted H Veterans Committee
4/14/2015 Voted Do Pass H Veterans Committee - Consent
4/14/2015 Reported Do Pass H Veterans Committee - Consent H1495
4/14/2015 Referred to H Rules Committee H1495
4/15/2015 Reported Do Pass H Rules Committee - Consent H1534
5/4/2015 H Third Read and Passed - Consent H2379-2380
5/4/2015 Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed S1375-1376
5/27/2015 Reported Duly Enrolled S Rules Committee S1736
5/27/2015 Signed by Senate President Pro Tem S1736
5/27/2015 Signed by House Speaker Pro Tem H2960
5/27/2015 Delivered to Governor S1737
6/25/2015 Signed by Governor S1746-1747