SJR 12 Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing parents the fundamental right to control the education of their minor children
1/26/2015 S First Read--SJR 12-Onder S184
2/12/2015 Second Read and Referred S Education Committee S352
3/18/2015 Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
4/1/2015 SCS Voted Do Pass S Education Committee (0816S.05C)
4/2/2015 Reported from S Education Committee to Floor w/SCS S727
4/14/2015 SA 1 to SCS S offered & adopted (Sifton)--(0816S05.02S) S878
4/14/2015 SA 2 to SCS S offered & withdrawn (Holsman)--(0816S05.03S) S878
4/14/2015 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S878
5/15/2015 S Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection--SJR 12-Onder, with SCS (pending)