Bills Sponsored by Senator Holsman

SB 579 - Prohibits planned communities from barring the installation of solar energy systems
SB 596 - Modifies regulation of autocycle operators and exempts such operators from using protective headgear
SB 597 - Repeals exceptions to the duty of scrap metal operators to obtain certificates of title for certain inoperable vehicles
SB 598 - Modifies provisions relating to the Renewable Energy Standard
SB 601 - Reauthorizes a deduction for energy efficiency audits and projects for tax years 2014 to 2020
SB 602 - Establishes the Capital Green Program to provide funding for energy efficiency improvements to certain state buildings
SB 603 - Allows school districts to designate school protection officers who may carry and use pepper spray in schools after undergoing training
SB 604 - Allows qualified motorcycle operators to operate motorcycles and motortricycles without protective headgear under certain conditions
SB 608 - Prohibits the gathering of intelligence about a person unless there is evidence of criminal activity and requires warrants to search curbside garbage that is awaiting collection
SB 684 - Requires hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to report prices for most common procedures
SB 801 - Modifies provisions relating to the Renewable Energy Standard
SB 810 - Exempts railroad crew members of a locomotive or train being operated upon rails from Missouri's driver's license law
SB 857 - Requires electrical corporations to make solar rebates available to certain retail customers
SB 870 - Reauthorizes the Missouri Homestead Preservation credit program and modifies certain provisions relating to it
SB 871 - Requires that retail electric suppliers credit customer-generators for net excess energy
SB 901 - Creates a method for publicly financing election campaigns for legislative and statewide candidates and caps contributions to political party committees
SB 906 - Modifies the contract period for fee offices awarded to nonprofits or political subdivisions
SB 918 - Modifies provisions relating to communicable diseases
SB 935 - Modifies the definition of "demand-side program" within the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act to include solar rebates
SB 950 - Modifies the power of municipal housing authorities to include certain requirements in contracts relating to housing projects
SB 951 - Allows medical marijuana for medical use and provides that it shall be taxed at 8 percent of the purchase price
SB 957 - Prohibits the indiscriminate gathering of intelligence about a person and contains provisions regarding the ownership and investigation of garbage awaiting collection
SCR 35 - Establishes the Joint Committee on Missouri's Energy Future and Fuel Sources

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