Bills Sponsored by Senator Sifton

SB 534 - Modifies provisions relating to student transfers, school accreditation, and charter schools
SB 535 - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to designate accredited school districts to which an unaccredited district must provide transportation for transfer students
SB 536 - Institutes a lobbyist gift ban for the members of the General Assembly and their candidate committees
SB 558 - Reauthorizes the Missouri Homestead Preservation tax credit program
SB 559 - Prohibits an insurer from requiring any waiting period for health insurance coverage for maternity benefits and requires coverage to begin immediately from the effective date of the health insurance policy or plan
SB 560 - Changes the requirements for school antibullying policies
SB 566 - Restricts the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education from including certain data from neglected children and delinquent children in the aggregate data of a school district
SB 643 - Modifies provisions regarding the publishing of the Missouri statutes by the Revisor of Statutes
SB 647 - Raises the fiscal year cap on the Food Pantry Tax Credit from $1.25 million to $2 million
SB 708 - Allows emergency workers to request, receive and submit absentee ballots in the event of a declared state of emergency
SB 728 - Modifies class one election offenses
SB 759 - Establishes the Missouri Parent/Teacher Involvement Program to provide grants to schools to contribute to the academic and social success of pupils
SB 817 - Establishes the Missouri Immunization Registry
SB 837 - Modifies provisions relating to self-service storage facilities
SB 879 - Requires every individual who is 17 years old or older and arrested for any felony offense to provide a biological sample for DNA profiling
SB 880 - Authorizes the Department of Revenue to enter into reciprocal agreements with the federal government and other states to recover debts from vendor payments and refunds
SB 881 - Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SB 904 - Specifies notice requirements for zoning hearings on planned developments in unincorporated St. Louis County and requires the county to create an email notification system
SB 984 - Modifies provisions relating to the management of dyslexia in elementary and secondary schools
SB 985 - Grants St. Louis County and Christian County an additional associate circuit judge and circuit judge
SB 986 - Decreases the membership of the Missouri Commission on Human Rights
SB 995 - Exempts certain items from qualifying as unclaimed property
SCR 25 - Urges the Department of Natural Resources to require groundwater monitoring of new and existing coal ash ponds and require clean-up of leaking coal ash ponds
HB 1411 - Requires an annual in-person parental consent for a minor younger than 17 to use a tanning device in a tanning a facility

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