SB 811
Allows for the use of investigational drugs by those with terminal illnesses
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3/27/2014 - Voted Do Pass S Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee
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August 28, 2014

Current Bill Summary

SB 811 - This act allows, but does not require, a manufacturer of an investigational drug, biological product, or device to make available such investigational drug, product or device to eligible patients with a terminal illness who have considered all other treatment options currently approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The act specifies who shall be considered an eligible patient and what constitutes an investigational drug, product or device.

The manufacturer may make such drug, product or device available to an eligible patient without receiving compensation or require an eligible patient to pay the costs of or the costs associated with the manufacture of such investigational drug, product, or device. The act also does not require a health care insurer to provide coverage for the cost of any investigational drug, product or device.

No state agency or regulatory board shall revoke, fail to renew, or take any other action against a physician's license based solely on the physician's recommendation to an eligible patient regarding prescription for or treatment with an investigational drug, product, or device.

Any official, employee, or agent of this state who blocks or attempts to block access of an eligible patient to an investigational drug, product, or device shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

This act is substantially similar to CCS#2/SS/HB 1685 (2014).