SB 605
Modifies provisions relating to higher education
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5/16/2014 - H Calendar S Bills for Third Reading w/HCS (In Fiscal Review 5-8)
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HCS SB 605
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August 28, 2014
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SB 605 - This act modifies provisions relating to higher education.

MABEP: Currently, the State Board of Education has authority to establish standards and procedures for the evaluation of teacher training institutions. This act grants the Coordinating Board for Higher Education joint authority with the State Board of Education with the guidance and approval of the Missouri Advisory Board for Educator Preparation. Current actions regarding state educator certification, assessments, and other measures regarding educator certification done by the State Board must be approved jointly with the Coordinating Board.

This act establishes the "Missouri Advisory Board for Educator Preparation" (MABEP) within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to advise the State Board of Education and the Coordinating Board for Higher Education. MABEP will consist of fourteen members, seven members appointed by the State Board of Education and the Commissioner of Education and seven members appointed by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education and the Commissioner of Higher Education. The length of term for members is two years. Requirements for the members are described in the act.

MABEP has the following duties and responsibilities: to meet with the commissioner of education and commissioner of higher education to discuss policy issues and proposed changes to standards and practices related to educator preparation programs; make recommendations to the two education commissioners regarding criteria and procedures for evaluation and approval of educator degree programs and educator preparation programs; facilitate communication amongst educator preparation experts and constituencies; present annually to the State Board of Education and the Coordinating Board for Higher Education; and maintain a record of deliberations. MABEP must meet at least twice annually.

The State Board of Education is prohibited from approving any teacher education program prior to receiving a formal recommendation on that approval from the Coordinating Board.

The Coordinating Board for Higher Education has joint approval authority with the State Board of Education for proposed new degree programs offered by state institutions of higher education in the case of educator preparation programs.

These provisions are similar to the introduced version of HB 1949 (2014) and are similar to provisions contained in SCS/HB 1390 (2014). (Sections 161.097 & 173.005)

SHOW-ME FUTURE PROGRAM: This act creates the "Show-Me Future Program." The Department of Higher Education must consider the creation of a pilot program to be implemented in one or more public institutions of higher education and one or more community colleges to replace the current system of charging tuition and fees. If the Department determines that a pilot program is warranted, it must submit a proposed pilot program to the General Assembly by January 1, 2015 for approval.

A proposed pilot program would allow resident students who qualify for admission to enroll in an institution without paying tuition or frees. A student would sign a binding contract to pay the state or the institution a certain percentage of the student's annual adjusted gross income upon graduation for a specified number of years. A proposed pilot program would establish an immediate funding source for the first fifteen years and include the establishment of a revolving fund.

This section is identical to HB 1232 (2014). (Section 173.1050)

STATUTORY REFERENCES: This act updates references to higher education statutes that have been repealed. Several statutes contain references to sections 173.205 and 173.215, which were repealed in 2007. This act removes these references and replaces them with references to either section 173.1102 or section 173.1104, as appropriate. (Sections 30.750, 173.003, 173.051, 173.236, 173.239, 173.260, 173.262, 173.778, 174.770)

These sections are identical to the introduced version of SB 67 (2013).