SJR 35
Limits the total service in the General Assembly to sixteen years in any proportion between the Senate and the House of Representative
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4/7/2014 - Hearing Scheduled But Not Heard S Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee
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Upon voter approval

Current Bill Summary

SJR 35 - This proposed constitutional amendment, if approved by voters, would increase term limits from eight years to sixteen years total in any one house of the General Assembly. A person is still limited to sixteen years total in the General Assembly, but such person may split service between the House of Representatives and the Senate in any proportion as long as the individual serves no more than sixteen total years. No person shall run for office for either house of the General Assembly if the person would be prohibited from completing the full term in office based on the limitations of this act.

This amendment is identical to HJR 4 (2013), and similar to SJR 10 (2013), SJR 43 (2012), HJR 41 (2012), the perfected version SJR 12 (2011), HJR 70 (2010), SJR 15 (2007) and SJR 46 (2008).